Pastor Steve’s undergraduate work in biblical studies was done at Northwestern College. His graduate work was at Bethel Seminary and Luther Northwestern seminary. Ordained in 1984, he has served congregations in Aitkin, West Fargo, and here at Hope Lutheran since 2005.

Steve and his wife Deb were married in 1977. They have four adult children and four grandchildren.

Pastor Steve has a lifelong passion for music. He plays several musical instruments and has a song in his heart all the time. He has written hundreds of songs over the years that journal his relationship with God and his theological understanding. Many of his original songs have been recorded for the edification of the church. Steve loves to lead God’s people in song, especially if they are moving with the rhythm and smiling. Pastor Steve says, “I love the Lord, I love to study and listen to the scriptures, I love to proclaim the gospel in word and song and sacrament, and I love the church. It is a great privilege for me to serve as pastor of this vibrant community called Hope Lutheran Church.”

You can get in touch with Pastor Steve by calling 952-492-2099 or via email at You can call him for emergency pastoral care after hours at 952-210-6180.